Social Media Marketing Strategies to Achieve Sales Target

Social Media Marketing (SEM) is one top advertising media any entrepreneur that intends to increase the sales revenue and volume of any commodity would most likely engage into.

The world today is at its global phase – marketing as well. At this age where everyone has a smart phone that can connect to various social media channels.

Advertisers have seized this medium to display their products through these channels instead of the regular Television and Newspaper publication.

When advertisers run these advertisements through social media channels, they are very sensitive to the feedbacks which they receive at regular time intervals.

These feedbacks enables them to know if the ads are getting enough conversion (the clicks or sales they get) or the ads are just getting impressions (the views that do not generate conversions).

Through the feedback they get, they can be able to target what their audience are just be looking for, make money and save money.

Today, I would be sharing with you four effective methods on how to target the right audience on social media, thereby increasing sales and profit and avoiding bad digital business practices that will affect digital sales data.


Creating engaging content on social media is a skill that you grow as time goes on because learning never ends.

You may have come across some engaging content on social media e.g a comedy skit on Facebook or Instagram, most times you end up laughing and probably saying “This made my day”

Actually it made you happy but most of those comedy skits you actually watched had an adverts on them (probably the lead acting comedian was saying something about a baby product, real estate etc)

They had to think of a perfect idea that would make people be interested in purchasing the product and script it.

For the content to be perfect, it needs to be brief, yet valuable to the target audience. Your audience should be compelled by the post because they found it engaging.

How do we go about this? The goal should be providing customers with an enticing information that will make them to want your product.

Imagine I was a chef, and I had 100K followers on Instagram, Huge right? Yeah. For me to introduce a new recipe that I have tried, I think I will make a short video of short recipes as a way to better inform my followers. The target of this video post on Instagram is to entice my audience with a simple recipe and make them aspire to try the ingredients I used.

The case is also similar with other products. If you deal on Technological accessories or gadgets, you showcase not just the pictures but some cool stuffs your potential buyers could do with it. In cases where you sell wears, cloths, shoes and other different fashion accessories that are trending in the market, a combination of outfits that matches the accessory will do justice to it.

If you can provide useful tips on how to use your products in combination with other things, please do, as it helps you to increase conversion.


Locating the platform your audience use the most is the first thing you ought to learn when improving your career as a social media marketing student.

If you are a chef, you don’t expect to locate a high volume of your B2B (Business-to-Business) audience on Twitter, this is why you have to look at your target demographic market segmentation to obtain valuable data that can point you to the most active social media platform that your target audience are visiting.

Unless you have the financial strength to advertise on all platforms, then you can go ahead, but for targeted sales, you observe the social media platform where your customers are most active.

There are many social media marketing tools for discovering where your target audience are most active. You can use keywords or hashtags from your competitors and conduct a search to ascertain the location of your target audience.

Once you discover the right social media platform, you stand at a better chance of reaching your target audience, hence, driving more sales.


The power of social media influencers cannot be underestimated. Online buyers have this problem of trust because of various scams that they may have encountered or heard about.

Trust builds a brand which is one of the reasons why you need to hire the services of a social media influencer. People place a high amount of trust on social media influencers because they feel they are better known and won’t go about recommending a scammer or a bad product.

Social Media influencers can strategically feature your product in a unique engaging content (such as there pictures or videos), or probably they could tell a story that has to do with your brand and engage the audience to prefer your brand over others, you can also help influencers also by providing them with a unique purchase discount code and they can also give critical reviews about your product.

This simply shows that advertising you products and brand through social media influencers is likely to drive more sales and bring trust from your customer base, hereby more conversions.


Internet buyers have the tendency to read several reviews about your product from other users that must have purchased your product before. This is done to gather information and be sure if the product is Legit, that the product description matches customers reviews and also to make sure if it is not a scam. This information will guide them if they should go ahead with the purchase or look elsewhere.

Customers have a role to play in reaching your target sale margin and even surpassing it.

You can encourage your customers to share videos or photos of them using your products or you set a giveaway (like airtime or cash prizes) for the best photo or video of the week using a particular hashtag, then you publish the photo of the winner of that week on your blog or other social media channels tagging the winner of that week. This will create a high level of credibility whenever potential buyers visit you social media channels because they feel a kind of honesty they can connect to.

You can also entice your customers to share products in exchange for discount codes and some gifts.

These are some of the top four ways you can increase your sales and reach your target audience.

What do you think?


Divine Lewis is the C.E.O. of Nairahow. A business strategist, Digital Marketer and a blogger who loves sharing knowledge to educate others.

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