7 Investment Opportunities in Nigeria with High Profit

Investment opportunities in Nigeria are numerous in various fields with rewarding returns on Investment that investors can dive into to increase their revenue.

One of the reasons why most investors in Nigeria get scammed by ponzi platforms that promise amazing offers within short time intervals is greed which has blinded them from the reality of true and legit investments.

But, even with the advantage of revenue of increase, there are risks involved, and most times these risks are greater than the rewards.

These investments are made from funds that have been saved over a period of time or through loans. It may be near impossible for an average Nigerian that earns within the limits of the minimum wage to save money that can be used for later investments.

In our world today, food, subscriptions etc are constantly consuming the amount of money that we earn hereby increasing our cost of living and making it near impossible for an average Nigerian who earns a minimum wage to save money and utilize investment opportunities in Nigeria to grow their wealth. Reducing expenses on the cost of our living can help us save money to be invested in the future.

Before investing, it is good to understand that Investments is all about risks. But in this post, we are going to be discussing about investments opportunities in Nigeria with lesser risks.

Are you caught in the middle of not knowing exactly where to channel your money for investment? Worry no more as we will be discussing about lucrative investment opportunities in Nigeria that will help you grow your finance.

Lucrative investment opportunities in Nigeria

“What are the basic needs of man?” As we have been told from primary school, the basic needs of man are; what to eat, where to live and cloths to wear. We can confidently say that these three industries will always be lucrative as long as man is in existence.

1. Invest in the Agricultural Industry

A large percentage of the food that comes into the country Nigeria are imported from other countries. Why is this so? This happened due to the inability for the country to produce enough food to feed her masses.

What to eat  has become the biggest problem in the country right now thereby giving investors an idea of a field to invest their money. The Agricultural industry is one of the industries that has constantly attracted foreign investors to Nigeria and thus increasing our foreign exchange over time.

Nigeria has accounted for a total population of 200 million according to last census statistics, and this 200 million persons are always concerned about what to eat on a daily basis. This makes agriculture an evergreen field for investors to directly or indirectly get involved into.

Investment in Agriculture can produce amazing ROI (Returns on Investment) as high as 50 to 80% annually.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Bank of Agriculture and other institutions are constantly offering loans and grants to businesses that focus on agriculture in Nigeria thereby boosting investment opportunities in Nigeria at large.

Most times, these Government parastatals go as far as subsidizing import duties or granting zero import duties on agricultural raw materials and equipments, reducing the cost of fertilizers, giving grants to interested investors etc.

You can indirectly get involved into agriculture by making investments into a company that makes its profit from Agricultural Products. Example of these companies include; Farmcrowdy, Crowdyvest, Ezfarming, etc.

Before making investments into these companies, please read their terms and conditions and ensure to check for reviews online, these reviews will help you know if it is worth it or not as it may answer some critical questions.

For those that want to directly get involved into Agriculture, you can invest your time and money into Crop production, Livestock, learning how to operate mechanized farm equipment as well as sales etc.

The Agricultural industry is a low-risk industry and is safe for investment when compared to other markets like the cryptocurrency market that fluctuates constantly. This does not mean that it is completely free from risks.

2. Making Investments in the Real Estate Industry

Real estate is one of the investment opportunities in Nigeria that will continue to be evergreen as long as the population in Nigeria continues to increase.

The increase in population will demand for increase in accommodation. Investors  can make use of this opportunity to multiply their money by providing commercial housing to citizens at affordable rate. Though anyone interested in tapping into this industry must possess enough capital because it demands a lot of fund for startup.

Real Estate has a lot of opportunities embedded in it and investors can tap into the following options as listed below:

  1. Providing Houses for Low Income Earners; Investors can either  build to sell or to lease. If an investor decides to sell the house with low income earners as the target, the investor must ensure to provide a long term payment plan for them.
  2. Investors can also Build properties to lease out; properties for commercial purposes such as Event Halls are in constant demand.

In order for the two listed options above to be profitable, the investor must consider the location where the properties are to be sited as it directly affects your returns on investment. The better the location, the better the returns.

  1. You can also make profit by buying lands and selling them after a period of time. You can start this business in a small scale by purchasing a piece of land (You can purchase more depending on your start up capital) at a low populated location for as low as N500,000. (Five Hundred Thousand Naira) if not lesser.

After getting all the papers, try to secure the land by fencing it (Optional) and leave the land for a period of at least 5 years, after this minimum period, you will find out that the cost of the land must have increased alot. This is an advisable option as against saving money in the bank on a long run.

For those that may not have the capital to start up this kind of projects or purchase a land, worry no more as you can start by investing in real estate from an app on your smart phone. Apps like Risevest and Coreum have made provision for you. These companies collect your invested money in addition to other investors money and invest it into real estate investments properties. Each property is divided into equal parts and allocated to the investors.

3. Cast you net into the Textile Industry

The textile industry is has been a booming industry that is still currently on the high rise. Trends in fashion has taken over a large percentage of youths in our world today. This provides investors with the leverage to dive into this investment opportunity and multiply there wealth.

Investors can invest their funds into diverse sub-categories in the textile industry and this answers the question of “What to wear”.

In our today’s world, our outfit matters a lot as it is said that; “the way you dress is the way you will be addressed”

The sub-categories that investors can leverage are:

  1. Supply and sewing of uniforms (Both school and specialized uniforms)
  2. Importation of already used or new wears
  3. Manufacturing Fabrics
  4. Sales of shoes and bags

4. Invest in the Transportation Industry

Transportation as we all may know involves the movement of goods or human beings from one place to another via land, air or water ways.

The transportation industry is one of the vast industries that is profitable for investment in Nigeria as the transport sector is not as developed when compared to the transport sectors of other countries.

This is one of the investment opportunities in Nigeria today as interested investors can dive into sub-sections of this industry such as:

  1. Transportation of Humans:Interested investors can harness platforms such as Taxify and Uber to better improve their services via land. There are various sea and air transport investment options.

An investor with high startup capital can consider owning a Transport company.

  1. Transportation of Goods:Transportation of goods (Logistics) is one of the lucrative angles of the transportation industry.

Cost of transporting a container filled with goods from the North to the South or East is currently not less than N40,000. and it is charged per trip.

There two categories investors with low startup fund can utilize in this category and they are:

  1. Bike delivery business
  2. Bus or Truck delivery business

5. Think of ICT

ICT (Information Communication Technology) is one of the trends of our world today as the number of internet users in Nigeria and other countries are constantly growing on a daily basis.

This is one of the lucrative investment opportunity in Nigeria, provided the investor is determined, success is guaranteed.

70% of Nigerians today own a smart phone and information is constantly transmitted regularly via blogs, emails, social media channels, etc. This makes this field a gold mine for investment.

Investors can consider the following options as profitable for investment. E-services such as

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Programming
  3. Web Hosting Services
  4. Application  development ( e.g. Android, iOS, System, Cloud, Enterprise apps etc)
  5. Website and Web app development (e.g. E-commerce, Blogs, Landing Pages, etc)
  6. Creating Animation and Motion Pictures
  7. Video Editing

Online advertisers are utilizing the constant increase in internet users to advertise their products. Investors can utilize this promising business opportunity to better invest and grow their wealth.

Another investment category of ICT is Investing in Fintech Apps. This is one of the growing industries in Nigeria currently. There are some Financial Technology Companies that are now giving out POS Machines to their potential customers to do business with. An investor can also tap into this.

6. Invest into the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry has been one of the industries that has constantly attracted foreign investors over the years and the Nigerian government are on constant negotiation with stakeholders in this industry to seek ways to expand the industry.

As this industry has been one of the biggest industries that has been solving the problem of unemployment on a large scale over the years and thus is favorable to the economy.

Investors can consider to invest into:

  1. Research institutes for the manufacture of drugs and other healthy products
  2. Pure water manufacturing
  3. Bread and Biscuit Production
  4. Egg rolls and Doughnuts manufacturing
  5. Manufacturing of Paints

7. Invest in the Entertainment Industry

Investing huge amount into entertainment in Nigeria is worth the capital because the entertainment industry in Nigeria is lucrative and a trend of this time.

Nigeria is regarded as the frontier of entertainment in Africa. For investors, this is an opportunity to tap into this industry and make more money.

Investors can decide to invest into the following sub-categories:

  1. TV Station
  2. Radio Station
  3. Show Business e.g. Starting up Talent Hunt programs, Comedy shows etc
  4. Setting up a Record Label

However investment the options listed above is best in big cities such as Port Harcourt, Lagos, Abuja, Owerri and lots more as it will give the investor a better Return on Investment.

8. Making Investment in the Education Industry

Education has proven to be the source of mental growth and literacy to both the and old. The educational industry is an industry that will continue to be one of the best investment opportunities in Nigeria today.

It is no longer news that skill will rule the world in this digital age and this has made many young people to opt for skill acquisition.

An investor can tap into this market by providing skill education to interested persons for a fee. The investor can offer courses in the following categories:

  1. Language courses (e.g. Spanish, Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, French)
  2. Digital Marketing Training
  3. Web development Tutorials
  4. App development Classes
  5. Data Science and cloud computing trainings and lots more.

To this end, we believe that this tutorial have answered your questions.

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