4 effectively proven time management skills and techniques

I define time as an unstoppable counter in which events or activities are ordered. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day to do whatsoever one prefers.

But to some, time isn’t just enough, if it was possible to pause time from counting or adding an extra hour to the already existing 24 hours, I tell you many would have opted for it.

But unfortunately we are limited by time. Proper time management and planning is the only way to go unlimited and enjoy more free time.

Proper time management is a skill of its own as some people struggle at it, whereas others have attained a height of mastery at it hereby giving them more added advantages over others.

To attain a height of time mastery, you need to understand how to fit in your daily work and activities into it.

Here are a list of my four proven methods that can help you manage time better if you experiment them.


This is the first and also an important task to increase your time management mastery and also be more productive.

Be clear about all you want to achieve for that day, I would suggest you write it down. Then, you can go further by differentiating the must-do for the day from all other things you would really like to accomplish.

This would help you a lot to identify high value activities that would have the most positive effect on your task for the day and focus on them first of all before considering others.

Or you can think of this like a hierarchy system of arranging task in the order of the important activities from the highest to the lowest.

The activities which are of higher priority to you are kept at the top of the list, in that order till you get to the button of the list, where activities with the lowest priority are ranked.

You can also use some smart apps to help you write out these activities of high priority if you prefer digital tools a lot.

Summary: Always pen down your plans for the day in the order of their importance.


Distractions can delay one from actualizing one’s set activity for the day as most of these distractions are unavoidably unwanted. Okay, enough of the grammar.

The thing about distraction is that once you have broken your connection with the task at hand, most times it is difficult to reconnect to it once more.

Be attentive to what draws your attention away from your task for the day and set strategies to manage them.

Even though most people suggest multitasking, but study has it that you can’t really focus completely at two things at a time. Your attention must be drawn to one before the other.

Some of the things that can draw one’s attention away from dedicated time includes: Social Media, Replying emails, Gossips etc.

For example if what distracts you the most is social media, why not include it in your list of plans for the day? You could allocate a time to it depending on you. You can also task yourself to stop it as long as you have dedicated the time to something else that is more important. Instead you set this distraction as a trophy for you accomplishing the major tasks in your planned list.


There are many time management resources available over the internet.
But I suggest you start with your alarm or a time counter.

Set alarms that can ring and remind you when the time dedicated to a particular task is over in order for you to switch to the next task or replan your To-do list for the day.


Take time at the end of the day before you sleep to review your day – the task accomplished and how long it took you to do so.

Then you rate yourself if you achieved the tasks for the day.

Even if you didn’t, you can think of another way to do things differently as that is the only way to achieve different results.

I hope this really helps you out with your daily time management exercises.

What do you think?


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