3 bad business practices that affects digital marketing data

There are several bad business practices or habits that can affect digital marketing data, hereby reducing sales and conversion.

Business practices which includes the way an entrepreneur conducts him or her self either in a professional or unprofessional manner could increase or reduce sales, as your conducts can bring about more opportunities for your brand, thus reducing your profit or lead to business failure.

Displaying Professionalism in any digital business venture can make one excel as the brand will be taken seriously by their customers or clients, hereby, increasing sales with a high rate of person-to-person conversion.

Today we will be looking at these bad business habits.

They include the following:

1. Poor communication and follow up

2. No room for customer feedback

3. You don’t keep to your word



Communication in digital business is a very important aspect of brand growth.

It portrays a whole lot to the minds of your customers; it shows that you take your brand and business seriously.

When a customer reaches out to you through any of your digital contact platform like via your Facebook page etc, it is advisable to reply back within a maximum time frame of 24 hours, as this will better improve your communication with your customers.

Even if you have a downtime (your unavailability to communicate at the moment) which occurs most times in businesses, you can make use of an auto responder chatbot to automatically send a reply to your customers.

Whenever you are offline, the chatbot can issue them a message that looks like this:

“Hello Sir/Ma,

Thanks for reaching out to Nairahow.com.ng via our Facebook page.

We sincerely apologize for our unavailability to respond to your enquiries at the moment. But we promise to give you a feedback as soon as we are back online.

You can also call our helpline +2348………, email us via ……… or order our products online via www.nairahow.com.ng Thanks”

This detailed message gives your customers or intending ones the impression that you unavailable at the moment but you have received the message and will address them later with maximum attention so that they don’t feel ignored.

SUMMARY: Communication is key to more and large sales or conversion which when not adhered to, becomes a bad business practice.



What your users or customers have to say can be valuable, hereby helping you to improve your delivery towards them.

There is a phrase that says “We learn everyday”. This is actually true, as we learn from others on a daily basis.

Things are changing everyday, and we also have to evolve alongside.

User generated feedbacks can be positive or negative. Positive user generated feedbacks can boost your business reputation while negative user generated feedbacks which are tagged as criticism can help you to detect the loop holes in your business and improve in either your brand product or services.

Either way, a user generated feedback is one of the keys to enhance brand growth as unacceptance for users feedback can inhibit growth.

Many big entrepreneurs who don’t usually get involved in the process of production or in the day to day activity of their firms rely on user generated feedbacks to know the areas they ought to improve there business on (either price issues or human relation problems).

SUMMARY: Always avoid this bad business practice of not listening to your customers as they are the determinant of some of the adjustments that takes your brand to a bigger level.



Unreliability is bad for business or a bad business practice as no one wants to cooperate with someone they can not at least depend on.

Imagine you run a delivery and logistic service and you get a business deal that requires you to deliver an important document before work hours is over and you arrive one hour after work hours. You have automatically sent a bad message to your customer that you are not reliable.

The company may have needed the document before work hours was over in order to probably apply for a grant or so, but you didn’t meet up the deadline.

Unreliability can make one miss out on opportunities to grow your brand and also to collaborate with other businesses which will eventually make customers to opt for other brands that can do what you do.

SUMMARY: Unreliability is a bad business practice and a killer of business, please avoid it.

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Divine Lewis is the C.E.O. of Nairahow. A business strategist, Digital Marketer and a blogger who loves sharing knowledge to educate others.

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